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Bread of Life Ministry, Inc provides food and clothing to those in need. This includes individuals, families, and agencies with their food pantries and clothing needs. We also provide necessities to those in need from natural disasters such as tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, etc.


Bread of Life Ministry, Inc began in 1973 serving 10 families. In 2008, we were able to help over 1 million individuals in the Tri-State area (Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky), Tennessee and various states throughout the U.S.


As of  2017, The Bread of Life assists with food and/or clothing to approximately 250 families each month.  Over 150 agencies and food pantries receive assistance thru the Bread of Life Ministry, Inc.  Over 55,000 individuals each month receive some form of assistance from the Bread of Life.


Our Christmas program will log in and serve over 250 needy children.  They will then receive new toys that they would not be getting otherwise.  We believe in bringing the joy of Christmas all year long, but thru the celebrated season, families have the opportunity to help with their children’s wishes that they cannot provide without the Bread of Life.


We also support agencies from southern Illinois, southern to central Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and rural foothills of Missouri.  Many of these agencies in turn work with missions to the Dakotas, Honduras, Mexico, along with other countries in need. supply missionary work in Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Mexico.


We have also partnered and work with many states in their time of need thru hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes and other natural disasters.  For further information and statics, please email us at Bread of Life Ministry inc




The Bread of Life Ministry, Inc. Is committed to helping the needy with their needs; through whatever resources we have available, with total accountability of all gifts and contributions.


Bread of Life Ministry, Inc. is governed by a board of
directors and is audited annually.


The Bread of Life Ministry, Inc has a paid staff of 1 full time employee and 5 part time employees. We rely on over 75 volunteers to serve our families and agencies.


Bread of Life Ministry, Inc. relies on donations from private donors, businesses, and charitable organizations’ such as Operation Blessing of the 700 Club, Alan Feinstein, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Whirlpool, Churches, United ways, Community Foundations, "The Touch of Class" and various other organizations.

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