Our Projects and ongoing Missions:



Listen to “The Bread of Life” Sunday morning

8:00-8:30 a.m. on WBNL radio 1540am/fm

or on the web at: www.radio1540.net.  Also simulcast live on our Bread of Life Ministry Inc Facebook page.

WBNL is the number one AM/FM radio sation in the Tri-State area.


This program started in 1970 by Rev. Bill Carlisle and is now continued by his daughter, Sherry Carlisle.  This program is sponsored by Town Square Furniture in Boonville, Indiana.  We are proud to air this program for 53 years as of October 2023 sharing the ministry and a legacy that of reaching others.


Join us live each week, at Boonville Radio Station or from our TN Studio or even "on the road" every Sunday!


William (Bill) Carlisle

Rev William (Bill Carlisle) and Sherry Carlisle






We are working on raising funds for new computers and networking systems!  It will be around $10,000 so prayers are appreciated, and if you would like to help on this project to make out operation of helping other run more efficient, please let us know by calling 812-922-5424 and ask for Jim or Lorrie.  You may also contact Sherry Carlisle Smith at scegroup@comcast.net


We have been on an on-going project that is a dire nessisity to our daily work.  We need to have our parking lot and drive way updated!  With the semi truck deliveries of food and clothing, our daily volunteers and workers parking and pick up's by agencies and individuals, this project is way over due!  If you can help with support on this project please contact us at 812-922-5424 and ask for Jim, Lorrie or you may call Sherry at 615-579-6213.


We are supported by individuals, grants, private donors and living wills to run our daily operations.  This is one of our larger projects, with an estimated cost of $89,000.  God supplies our needs in riches and glory and this too will happen with your support!