Fundraisers, Projects, and Praise!

We are in desperate need of food again.  Our food comes in and goes out very quickly due to the needs of so many each year.  If you can help with food truck donations or canned food drives please contact Jim Web at 1-812-922-5424 or email us at

We are currently raising money for much needed computers and software.  Our computers are at the age, we need to update our technology to make the Bread of Life Ministry, Inc run more efficiently and improve our technology to help others.  The cost for this project will be approximatley $10,000 with everything needed.  Please let us know if you would like to help in this much needed addition to our facility.


Our drive way and loading docks are in dire need of repair.  To do this we are in need of  approximately $89,000-120,000 to do it correctly.  Please call Jim Webb, President, at 812-922-5424, or email us at or Sherry Carlisle Smith at

Praise God we have had a donation for $10,000 received for this project so all but $5,000 is left to obtain the best one we can that was much needed!

Monthly pledges for our operating expenses of Food and Clothing Trucks, and general expenses.  $5 or $5,000, no amount is too small or great to "help us help others!"  Call us at 812-922-5424 to pledge your support!